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Welcome to the Portraits section of my website where you can order your very own special pencil or colour pencil portrait for you or to give to someone you love as a gift. I specialise in detailed, custom, hand drawn, pencil and colour pencil portraits of people, pets, motors, houses and literally any other subject you have in mind. My ultimate aim is to create a faithful, lifelike representation of your loved ones, that holds all of their characteristics and essence in one drawing. I work from single or multiple photos and I can even work from old - sometimes really old and faded - photos. Obviously a great quality photo will result to a brilliantly detailed portrait, but some old pictures hold special sentimental value to their owners and they want a portrait of them, so unless the photo is too blurry or too dark to work from it, then I am able to draw the portrait you desire (you can confirm the suitability of a photo by emailing me the picture to [email protected]). I also create montages of multiple photos and incorporate them into one picture and I can change and draw the background of your choice. Just remember that every portrait request is being considered and I always make sure that everything I draw is according to your wishes. For this reason I will keep you regularly updated with the progress of your portrait.





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If you want to commission me with a portrait and you need a price quote or you need my advice because you are not sure what exactly you are looking for, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to offer you my services. You can view all the portrait's galleries by clicking on the links (left). I hope that you will enjoy my artwork and remember that I update my website on a regular basis so they are always new pictures for you to see.