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Fridge Magnets


Over the years I've been contacted by repeated customers who want to order more portraits of their pets or loved ones, but they are struggling to choose a size because they're running out of space to put them. So I've come up with this brand new product, that could offer a solution: Portraits on fridge magnets!

The portraits will be drawn directly on to the fridge magnet - or if you have ordered a larger size portrait in the past you can have it printed on the magnet. Therefore the drawings will be protected from any damage and they won’t be needing any framing. They will make super cute little gifts or keepsakes, perfect for those who run out of wall space to hang pictures or for those who want a small but sweet reminder of their beloved pet or loved one, every time they walk past or open the fridge.

The magnets are available in 6.5 x 9.5cm size at the moment but I plan to add different sizes in the near future. Prices for prints start from £2 and for original drawings from £6. If you require more information please send me an email to galini_d@hotmail.co.uk