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Hi! My name is Galini and I am a freelance illustrator and portrait artist BA(Hons) based in Birmingham, UK. Ever since I remember myself, I've been with a pencil in my hand sketching and drawing on any surface I could find to draw. As soon as I had a blank sheet of paper in front of me I just had to fill it with pictures - usually of a narrative nature - so I didn't surprise anyone when I announced that I wanted to follow my dream and study Illustration. Soon after I graduated from the Universty of Wolverhampton in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustartion, I began freelancing. My speciality is portraits - any kinds of portraits - and illustrations and I always aim to achieve a realistic and high quality finish to my work.


All Artwork Copyright including Originals, Commissioned and Sold artwork, belongs to the artist. No reproduction or distribution allowed without the permission of Galini Dimitriadou.

All artwork copyright including Original, Commissioned and Sold artwork belongs to the artist. No reproduction or distribution allowed without permission of Galini Dimitriadou - Spriggs. Copyright Galini's Pictures 2006 - 2015

I like to draw pictures that make people happy...

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Over the years I've experimented with many different materials, but my big love has always been pencils and colour pencils. I just love the versatility and amazing results they give. It doesn't matter how big or small a picture, with pencils I can achieve brilliant detail. Plus they are a lot less messy if you compare them to any other painting materials - they don't spill everywhere or leave you with dirty hands after use. Of course, depending on the project or the customers' wishes, I will use alternative materials such as ink, pastels, watercolours and I sometimes finish a picture on Photoshop in order to enhance it.


Since I began freelancing my clientelle has grown steadilly and I now have clients from all over the UK, Europe Australia and America. My main aim is to keep all my customers happy by creating the portrait or illustration they desire and I achieve that by treating every project I undertake as unique and with special attention. My clients tell me they are very pleased with my customer service and ability to capture the image they had in mind and I have many regular customers who keep coming back again and again because they know they can rely on me to produce the picture they desire without any hassle.


Thank you for viewing my website. I hope that you'll enjoy it.